A new Home

Moving home is a landmark occasion. A new start, new possibilities and a new adventure. Whilst there can be many things to look forward too, moving home is a big venture and will inevitably come with some losses too. 

You have packed up your life and moved to unpack it elsewhere. This can mean big changes in your routine, your social network, your hobbies, connections with other family members; it can touch so many aspects of your life. Feeling unsettled, anxious, isolated and unsure can all manifest over time. Will you need to go out and make new friends? What if I don’t succeed? What if I feel too low to make any effort? Maybe you just really miss your old home. And it’s okay and understandable to miss familiarity, safety and routine. 

You may expect yourself to settle right in, to feel excited and like everything is now better. However the reality of the adjustment period can be full of ups and downs. I want to reassure you that it’s okay to not feel great all of the time, you can take that pressure off yourself. The stress and strain of moving can deplete your energy levels and your ability to handle the pressures of day to day life, the last thing you may feel like doing is going out to meet new people or to join a new hobby or group of interest. During this time, can you find a way to bring in a little self care? A short walk, a chat with a good friend, spending time with a pet, 5 minutes of mindfulness; anything which feels good for you right now. 

How about making time for something you used to enjoy doing? If you are feeling up to it  try out a new hobby or accept a new social invitation, if you feel this may help. 

Moving to a new home is a major life change and if you do feel that you are struggling or the move has brought up other issues for you, then Counselling or a similar support service may be able to help you. A safe non-judgemental space to explore how you are feeling can help to give you the clarity and understanding you need. The impact of this life change and the losses that accompany it can surprise us all and it’s important to give yourself kindness and patience whilst trying to readjust. A new life somewhere new can work out to be a great move in the long run, but regardless of the outcome, be sure to take the time you need for yourself right now.