Surviving the Festive period

‘…I’m not looking forward to Christmas, I don’t feel how everyone else seems to be feeling…’

This time of year we are surrounded by festive celebrations, everyone’s on countdown and there are lots of expectations and pressure on how we think we should be feeling. Everyone seems to be with someone, with family or with friends. What is you feel cut off from that right now? Everyone moving on around you.

Maybe you don’t want Christmas to happen this year, maybe you want it gone, you plan to avoid it anyway possible.

It’s okay to not look forward to Christmas, to want it over and gone, because truth be said it is not a happy time for everyone. 

Maybe you are missing a loved one; those feelings can feel amplified at this time of year. The thought of having Christmas without them here may feel unbearable.

Is this a time to reframe how you look at Christmas? what you may choose to do with the time.

If this is to hide away, that’s okay. Could you use it for some quality alone time? Self-care? A task or a hobby you haven’t touched in ages? The smallest of changes or achievements could have an impact.

Managing and establishing your own boundaries can play an important role in your self care. Being able to communicate with others how you are feeling, what your own needs are and to reaffirm if you wish to spend some time alone. Open and honest communication, if you feel able, can go a long way to ensure you look after yourself this Christmas.