Taking the time

We live in a very fast paced immediate world, we want information straight away and we can often find what we need at our fingertips when we enter the online world. I am typing this up now on my laptop and could easily switch tabs to look up whatever I need too. So, I wonder how this translates to our mental health…

If you are feeling depressed, you can look up symptoms, sources of help and find various support groups, forums or a place to contact to get the support you need. This is positive, we can seek out ways to help and empower ourselves with so much more accessibility and ease these days. 

The flip side of this is that we sometimes lose touch with the need for patience, time and space for ourselves once we have accessed support. I specialise in bereavement and work with adults who are grieving. Grief does not follow a set timeline, nor does it have a deadline to meet. The importance of accepting this and giving yourself time and patience is crucial to working with grief in a healthy, kind and gentle way. 

Talking therapies are just one way you can access support if you have lost a loved one. Investing in this self care when you need it most means that you are acknowledging that you need this space and time to grieve, to give yourself permission to feel how you feel. You don’t need to struggle alone and finding the right therapist can really help you to understand how you are feeling and start to move away from the pain.