The right fit

When you find the right counsellor, you know. Counselling is all about the relationship. There are over 100 different therapeutic models out there, but it’s the relationship that brings about change. 

Finding a counsellor who you feel comfortable with, feel you could trust and that they ‘get you’ – in the sense that you can meet at depth – is a powerful catalyst for change and growth. Counselling is a profession which encourages the counsellor to be authentic, so each counsellor will feel slightly different, because they are – we may have been trained in similar or the same models of therapy, but each counsellor is also an individual. 

This may seem overwhelming at first, as you may be thinking how do I find the right counsellor? It’s okay to speak to a few different counsellors before you book. Many will offer a free initial telephone conversation, a reduced fee initial meeting or similar. This gives you the chance to learn more about them before you commit to your sessions. Take your time in making your decision, try and listen to your gut feeling if you can.

Research shows that finding connection at depth can have a profound impact upon our wellbeing. If you have lost trust, finding a counsellor who allows you to explore this, at your own pace and without judgement, may go a little way to helping you find a sense of trust again. Maybe you have lost a loved one and are wanting to escape the expectations and judgements you feel around you. A recent diagnosis? A divorce? Seeking a safe space to learn and understand what this means for you and to re-establish your identity may help you cope with the loss in new ways.

Counsellors will have different specialisms, approaches, personalities and ways of working but once you find the one you connect with; you will have found the place where you can find the peace you are seeking.